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 "4-tells who this project is for and that is the enslaved persons Descendants in survivorship of their ancestors who were promised by the government 40 Acres & Mule and the promise was descended created some of the descendants of people enslaved wealth gap, the -400 reminds us of the years that America imposed a disparate injustice related to it ongoing and continuing for their lineage descendants who are still enduring financial oppression tied to withholding that money, the labor theft not paid and the never forgotten losses and harms felt for the brutality of not only physical but psychological  harm done by the other current descendants of who was our ancestors slave masters and their families behind closed doors they are the ones fighting and opposing the payment due in equity towards the black descendants of the American debt for which they call in their demands for repair through Reparations"

The fund will provide a financial reprieve to descendants as heirs of enslaved people and their organizations support

The "Four, Forty, Four Hundred Program, would be an interim program to support a number of qualified families or individuals up to 40 months of support.  To be eligible a person must be a descendant of an enslaved person of on one or both sides of their lineage if family was enslaved outside of Africa. 

The project will support organizations or community advocated groups created and led by descendants of enslaved persons of America who are focusing on the push for reparations to be paid directly to descendants for use anyway of their choice or to support needs, business and research to solve their specific community issues. Reparative Basic Income (RBI)

The fund will offer individuals and families whose negative economic impacts stem from their lineages tied to the denial of pay for labor, overtime and fair pay of enslaved people in America.  The harm was denied legacies from their relatives who were not getting paid for labor to reinvest into their future generations as the legacy ancestors.  This lack of income extended to the financial gaps, instability, limiting educational opportunities, where they and their descendants could afford to live, along with the other economic hardships imposed by legislative oppression's causing the creation of the huge income and wealth gaps we see today between Black Americans and those who the government provides support, reparations and stabilization assistance.

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