This fund will provide people due the legacy of 40 acres and a mule

individuals, families and small business with a basic impact stipend

The "Forty to Four Hundred Impact Fund" provides a monthly stipend as stabilization assistance to support individuals for a period of two years and small business owned by selected individuals for one year. The fund will offer individuals and families whose economic impacts stem from enslaved people in America not getting paid to reinvest into the future generations of their families.  This lack of income extended to their descendants along with the economic hardships imposed by legislative oppression's causing the creation of the huge income and wealth gaps we see today for Blacks who descended from those enslaved ancestors. Families and business suffered, those selected will be offered additional opportunities to learn budgeting, housing counseling, small business counseling, transitional housing counseling and will be offered technical assistance to help them make a plan to replace the stipends with other income especially business income when the stipends end.


Our plans to raise funds includes applying for grant funding, asking for corporate donations and sponsors also asking wealthy donors, individuals, the entertainment, television and media to support and document the project inclusive of a community of people who care.


If you like you our plans you can donate please do not hesitate to and let us know if your are interested in sitting on the committee or providing a representative for this project. Their responsibility will be to promote the project and to select the individuals and small business who will receive funds. Three to five individuals will be selected for a rotating advisory committee to serve for six month periods and you can participate virtual via. video conference and email.


Become one of our sponsors, individual donors or if you are an entertainer or influencer ask your followers to support us by donating what they can afford to help build out the program by giving any multiple of (4) meaning $4, 40, 400, $4,000, 40,000, $400,000, $4million or more, to support families in our program or become a monthly or annual impact partner by donating on one of the following levels supporting one or more individuals. 

Our organization has added 20%  to the amount of disbursements needed for administrative needs each participant  to cover the program management, overhead and additional services available to participants. 

They can choose to participate in additional services as desired if not no pressure.  

You can donate through* Cash App. Reparationstrust4dos

 or by mail at PO Box 2033, Lithonia Ga 30058, by wire call for information.

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Give gratefully , ask your followers to give here or by Cash App, Zelle other apps 1x or monthly

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In reverence and remembrance of 40 acres and a mule.

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   Support by reparations giving and give more according to the year.

        To give more contact our organization where you can give by check, wire   or other means

We are grateful to them all for donations big and small your hearts make a difference

Thank you so much


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