Was incorporated to a place where neighbors and business can give and a place of the giving exchange to keep families happy and housed during the holidays

We do this every year this time to keep families housed, warm and bonded.  You can give or receive if you are in need just let us know what will help. We give parents toys and for family presents we help drop your rents so that you can stay home and warm when its cold outside a we ask neighbors with warm hearts to give so that your family can still be together and not moving at the first of the year.  Since it is 2021 we are asking for gifts of $20, $21 or $2021 dollar donations to put towards the cause of having a heart for neighbors who maybe having a hard time.  We can help give them some peace of mind.

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Giving of money or time is your gift and mine during the holiday season created for giving.  TO GIVE RIGHT AWAY Cash App 404-289-5277 or click one of the ways below 

Family Video Call


Give gratefully


Give thankfully


Give grateful and thankful to be able

We are grateful to them all for donations big and small your hearts make a difference

Thank you so much


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