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Our Space

A space that is shared private spaces to provide support to people wanting to have a small group family or private events, networking session and trainings.  

STARTING SMALL VENTURES are often unaffordable.  As mom-preneurers multi-tasking bills, households and life, we decided to come together to provide a place and space for people closer to their neighborhoods and homes. 


People who work from home, live in the community,  have virtual  business, small none profits who want to start a class but do not have an office,  people who are just getting started with their business, creators and creatives wanting to network on a project or retirees with the next big idea by having a introduction party or a group who want to work with others to tackle things in their communities. 


We share our space and allow it to be your place to gather for an hour or a day in a setting where you are expected to grow out of to bloom and shine when you are ready. 

We are the place for seeds business, learning and watering sprouts before you go to a spot of your own permanently.

We share OUR SPACE is a place for you to meet your current and potential customers,  A space to showcase your talents, to share your skills, to talk or teach or meet with your business team.  We provide our space for you to celebrate your success, family members, employees meet ups and friends building networks for learning.

We provide private space for you in our space when you need it for training, having a business meet and great outside of your home office or celebrating your team successes for virtual business owners.


OurSpace would love to have you in our space as you grow. A private venue.

Call us-404-289-5277  or 404-500-1001



and tell us what you need to sprout and how often and how long you think you would need to be in a space to grow out.

Our Space

There are two ways to join us as a member who pays a monthly supporer fee ub return get discounts on the space rentals or as a on demand supporter who pays for spaces or seats to our space events.


Get in Touch

678-999-6361 OR


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