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Can the faith community especially white faith congregants push for America to atone for slavery to begin healing the nation centered with their alignment in support of  reparations?

What is faith congregations moral responsibility when it comes to helping right a wrong, in this case providing redress for the negative social and economic impact on descendants of people who were enslaved?

Can faith congregations push the government to accept responsibility and to atone for it's hand in creating legislation protecting, enforcing and supporting slavery which had a negative impact on people enslaved and their descendants?

Is it time for America to heal the racial injustices cultural divides and economic strife due to their support of slavery?

Faith congregants both white and black are beginning to align with  grass root descendant of slaves organization groups and taking the moral high ground speaking out to the US government in support of their sisters and brothers of faith who are descendants of slaves in the US who would receive reparations redress payments.

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The Next Story we want told is our-story a collective story American people of faith descendants of the ancestors of the past, did not erase the harm done but told the truth about slavery.

We are choosing our future stories of American history as it unfolds today.

Will it be told of how faith communities came together and choose to lead in moral actions to begin the healing of America and Americans through atonement and racial conciliatory actions to close the wounds still oozing from slavery, or will it be told of how we left it in the laps of our children to deal with the anger from pain, the ego, the shame and more of the same in their futures?


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