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Turning Missions Into Action

Our Team* Partners* Impact

Sometimes it is one,  sometimes its two and often it is just a dream and a fewer people with a heart like you that helps make others lives change.

 We call them change makers, they are people with big hearts.  They step up to give time and finances and food to support someone who is not as fortunate as themselves.  They see the bigger picture they help to make positive change.    Are you a dreamer, a small team or a person with a big heart?  If so we need you on the team if you can dedicate a day or two during the summer between the hours of 8-3 pm.

We are fundraising for our basic income project through our family stabilization fund.  This project will start by providing families with a stipend to add to their basic income as additional supports  providing more stabilization in their lives for up to two years.  Our goal is to add additional individuals and families until we reach providing for 400 families with a (BSIS) basic stabilization income stipend each.


We are asking corporate and individuals donors to help us meet the first threshold of providing for the first cohort recipients of 120 recipients for the project.  You can provide your support by giving one time, annually or monthly commitment. $40, $400, $4000 or more.  For more information (Click Here)

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Holding Hands
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Volunteers Serving Food
Our Team Impact: Inner_about
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What Nygel said about the park


Hip Hop Don't Want to Waste My Life

Lacrea Inspiration

Intertwined Interview for FIP


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