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Sometimes it is one,  sometimes its two and often it is just a dreamer and you as a person with a big heart that makes the change. The big hearts for this project came from Charity Parity the Federal Reserve and employees from; Home Depot , Walmart-Fairington, Target Stores-, Chick-Fil-A, Marco's, Popeyes, I-HOP,  DeKalb County Parks, Park Pride, Kaboom, the small business cake maker, Carib-Lanta Soccer club, the Jamaican Restaurants who provided foods.   We call them change makers, they are people with big hearts.  They step up to give time and finances and food to support someone who is not as fortunate as themselves.  They see the bigger picture they help to make positive change.  From the Mamma's Day Bail out,  to the playground fundraisers the people with the big hearts are who makes the difference.   Are you a dreamer, a small team or a person with a big heart?  If so we need you on the team click to see our summer dreams for children.


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