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A Bit About Us

Turning Your Needs Into Our Action Plans

Here at Healing Hearts of Families USA, we’re committed to investing our time  and resources into communities meeting people where they are and guiding them to go a step further to change their lives and that our their children.

We started this journey in 2000 by 2001 we are driven by a  goal to keep families safe from violence. 


We expanded our services to include assisting families with loved ones incarcerated, providing a family education for domestic violence impacts and families with the need to learn more about reentry which would redirect the returning family member from ever returning to prisons and jails. 



Our goals are to blend  the family with support to help in deprogram the survival mindset developed by their loved ones which they had to use to endure their imprisonment. 

We also provided a place for education supports along with behavior modification built into the program designed for children who were kicked out of alternative schools. **Goal visioning**


We saw a need for children and their parents to have meaningful and beneficial time spent together.  The mostly single parents to spend quality time with their children to develop trusting fun experiences allow the children to open up to their parents. 

We adopted a community and built a park as a family base of engaging the development of those bonding, loving memorable experiences. 

The park provided a place where parents can relax, decompress read a book, cook and watch and engage with their children in play in the same space. **Family Bonding**


The American experience that the most affluent neighborhoods see is not the same one most Black Americans live in. We plan our activities and supports around the things that matter to the hearts of families and communities that we serve. 


Our mission base is always centered on healing what tears and pulls poorer and most black families and communities apart. 

Healing Hearts provides mending programs, activities and family supports.  We do our part in making the the lives of children, their families or caregivers better in experiences which are healthy and safe places and placements for low income households and communities. 

We provide support to parents as a means to stabilized the children and their futures. 


​Since 2000, we’ve been supporting our community in a variety of ways and measuring our success not just by numbers and size, but by impacts and transformations of lives.  The long term impact that stabilizes those we serve are our rewards.  When they call back and tell us what we offered really help them, they thank us and check in.  We know they see a future or need advice to a next step when they saw none is an impact success for and individual or family.


Our hearts are in healing business and helping families in times of crisis or need does just that. 


We have create programs for family reintegration, individual, family and community healing.  We also focus on programs as preventive measures to advert issues which could impact the success of children and their parents or negatively impact our communities.

  • Our staff has worked and volunteered with municipalities, courts, state agencies and federal programs, creating business for public housing residents to support their communities need. 

  • Our organization have served over 1000 individuals impacted by various types of life barriers during their journeys and family life transitions. 


Some of the people we served needed a helping hand, a kind heart, some just a listening ear, a stern rebuke in thinking, or just  someone to help them think through their crisis. Some needed loving arms to hold them and their children together because of their fear, trauma, grief or abuses and we help by walking through it with them to get their lives stabilized.

We are grateful that God choose us our volunteers and our hearts to give people what they need to live through crisis. You can do it too by giving time or resources. 

Planning the day of service with Home Depot


Since 2000, we’ve been supporting our community providing things like

  • Paying or negotiating bonds

  • Paying for storage space so families can have a place to store belongings during their transitions and do not have to start all over. 

  • We call apartments for second chances advocate for reduced eviction repayment plants.

  • We call apartments and refer or bring therapist into our programs when those needs are identified. 

  • We help stressed parents think through their situations (Parent Peers) and help them to make a plan which would move their  family from  a sofa or in a friends home to an apartment or one of their own,  from a hotel to more permanent or shared housing long term. 

  • We help keep families shelter and remain in place over the holidays through our financial commitments in rent drops which keeps the children stable during the school year. 

  • We guide parents to mentally shifting their mindsets towards resilient solutions where they can began to make their and their children's dreams a reality. 

  • Assist in getting moms and dads out of jails who are primary caregivers held on mostly traffic violations or other accusations which are not related to violence but, parents are lingering because they can't make minimal bails to get back home to their children sometimes placing them into a path of the system removing biological parental rights for good.  

  • We provide people with life barriers support to become business owners or independent contract workers for extra income legally. We shift workers into bosses who contract back sometimes to the same business. 

  • We share some of our lived lessons and life energies for life changes for people when they feel like life has them stuck.

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