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In 2022 these children are not allowed to be children in the USA they live under oppression through the denials of their citizenship rights, and liberties like their parents and ancestors before them.  The silence and lack of acknowledgement by legislators their actions or in-actions is a tactic use by racist and rooted in white supremacy which says you do not matter. 

It is a historical way to continue to marginalize and devalue their existence and their lives and it ties to slavery.

Descendants of American Slaves

Children Protesting 1965.jpg

What do you say when your child recognizes he or she does not have the rights in practice or enforcement that makes them feel their citizenship to the point they march to be seen and heard expressing that they too are American. 

Not being respected as human is stress that others do not have to deal with all their lives.


Black Children Protesting1.jpg

Descendants Of Slaves children were protesting in 1965 (left picture) and are still protesting inequities today in 2022 (right pictures).  Having to protest for rights afforded to others when you are a citizen exhausting and wrong.
It takes away from their childhood and it oppresses their ability to see value in themselves and that it is oppression. 


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