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Where Healing, Health and Fun is centered in serving

Black Families and Black Youth

At HEALING HEARTS OF FAMILIES USA MINISTRIES INC we promote initiatives to serve the people who need them most Black families, low income,  and unhoused,  people dealing with loss and grief, trauma and those at risk for destabilization. 

We believe in taking action with urgency to solve problems. 

We raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues affecting the lives of Black children and at risk people with issues  at large.

Please join us by supporting our efforts, volunteering

 to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.


Better Mental Health and Healing 
Virtual groups for youth and adults to decompress through group and individual talk sessions peer and professionals for individuals and families impacted by life issues which includes having anxiety issues or fears from the COVID virus, police or peer or family loss job and business loss, in home or relationship violence or threats of abuses.       

Healing Hearts has a set time where you can call and video chat with peer led groups or professional therapist Free.  You can discuss any of the issues listed or public or private issues which may not be listed.  Once a week if you just need someone to give you a virtual hug, encouragement or to hear you out, to say you matter or just to hear someone say they love you call in or email us for a private session.  The calls may have someone who volunteer to be praying over your lives and then getting on topic 8:30 -9pm (Mondays) Inspiration/pray 8:30-8:35.  For children and young adults under 15 Tuesday call in 4pm.

Mondays-Grown Folks worldly rundown, the heart of the matter adults listening to you so that we know what is going on with you and sharing our experiences if or when you want advice or wisdom of the what ifs of life... 

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The demand for reparations to be paid to African descendants of slaves owed for the slavery of their ancestors for wages unpaid.  Wages reinvested over generations into real estates and institutions of which the money was invested and earned dividends. You can participate in making things right by helping to support the demands for reparations pay, redrawing the legislation and scan the constitution to suggest making amendments of equity for harm done to African Families descendants of Slaves in America that is the beginning to cure for racism.


THE  COURAGE 400 PROJECT a project with several cohorts of activities focused on self selected decompressing emotional and psychological traumas through cultural therapy activities.  Led by professionals, peers and cultural healers the sessions deals with racial, social, emotional and psychological trauma of individuals  who identify as African American descendants of Slaves suffering from life traumatic traumas. This is designed to began the process of healing from within the community themselves and their pain.  Donate to help this project, partner with an agreement to provide services to this project, referrals will be based upon a written agreement to serve.  Or anyone can donate funds to pay for the support of an individual needing more specific supports.

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Educational & Mentoring For Girls


Diva's Don't Do That! program provides girls with 12 facilitated sessions to help girls understand their development and to help them to make better life decisions.   Our sessions guide the the girls through activities for self realization, builds positive esteem, resilience during the developmental stages and relationships girls may experience. The girls hears the perspective of older woman, health providers and faith based views in many sessions. Parents can also become involved and bond during the program, allowing natural conversations to flow from the guided sessions and activities.


Providing youth, veterans and low income families with various educational exposures and learning opportunities related to business ownership, internet and government contracting for business entrepreneurs.

You learn everything from how to set up a business, how to market that business through the internet, encourage people to create apps, websites, create products which solve problems utilizing technology .  



Doing What’s Needed to Find Peace, Strength and Healing After the Loss of a Child by Accident, Illness or Violence

Our grief counseling allows a parent who lost a child to gain strength to go though all the phases of the loss and helps guide the parent into a positive and more tolerable way of remembering and loving the person they lost. Nemit was a 23 year old college graduate lost in a vehicle accident she is the daughter of Medora Johnson our Grief Counselor.  We honor her mothers love and remember her through her favorite flower the sunflower.

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Support Services

Tackling the Issue

Our supports are educational and timed to provide families with learning experiences which  support for their tangible needs.  Our programs and supports are aligned to keep youth and families stable, communicating, in housing and bonded.  During the holidays our goal is to keep children housed preventing family evictions. We evaluate our success by gathering information to measure shifts and changes in the families stability. increases in youth  and family knowledge of specific skills for resiliency,  or life skill needed to survive in highly racial climates of unrest. 

We are only a walk in the park away.
Come have fun in the sun and bond with your children. Loose some weight while they play create a walking group, give us the time.
Learn about Gods beautiful world at the outdoor classroom available to any group.



  ARE YOU AVAILABLE?  Maybe you are a web expert maybe you are a Black therapist, maybe you are a CEO who can talk to entrepreneurs.

You can make a difference by giving your time or resources to support grass root summer, healing or family activities.

What We Do









What we fight through

Our Grassroot Advocacy As Moms is for  

Supporting the ADOS Movement


African American Descendants of Slaves to have-


Equal application in service of justice in the legal system 

Economic Equality through collection of ancestors unpaid wages ECONOMIC EQUALITY


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What we fight to change

Absence and invisibility of Black Women on the highest court in the US.

APPOINT a Black Momma


Black women have never had their voices represented in the 239 years of the courts existence  

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