Can faith organizations become leaders in the moral and spiritual healing and atonement for 400 years slavery's  wrongs in America.

Will words from the book used to keep people in bondage now be used as the background to support the model for forgiveness to begin racial healing. 

White people of faith congregations have began making moral and spiritual atonement through their commitment in support of reparations for Black descendants of slaves who are owed money for labor  the promise America made but did not fulfill. 


Some white faith congregations are stepping up as the religious moral leaders of their people in the USA by supporting reparations  as a spiritual path to healing and redemption.  These white congregations are learning how to communicate messages of the wrong and harm of slavery to their members.  They are also interested in learning ways in which the law excluded Blacks and now as gentrifiers how they can begin to make amends for the loss of Black wealth and their ancestors brutality of slavery and the benefits they continue to have because of it. 

Trainings now offered to white faith organizations and their social justice ministry leaders to take the lessons back to their congregants of how they can communicate about reparations and support healing (Interested Click here to register)

Preparing congregations for a collective reparations spiritual events aligned with African American congregations and Black grass root organizations to be held in August 11, 2019 and December  2019 

This is a collaborative with an organization with a thirty year history of studying and being involved with everyone from legislators to international allies in support of reparations,  (NCOBRA)- National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America and dedicated to Africans ancestors who were enslaved (Blacks) whose forced labor was used to build the  great economy of America. 


This is specifically for the millions of Black people who lived resiliently through-stories of their ancestral families that served others against their will and who were beat, murdered, raped and dehumanized but refuse to forget their dignity as a people.  The results were a values shift in African, to all the many names used over time to erase the self identification and the  African culture was erased from  descendants of slaves in America over time. This conspiracy is detailed in(Psalm 83:4)


Slave services forced on our ancestors are recognized here and we are utilizing this page to honor them by educating anyone who wants to learn the proud heritage of Africans who were enslaved in America, in spite of conditions  created oppressed, regress and dehumanized them. 

Advocates,  and educators like William A. Darity Jr., professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and their families do remember the harm.  Blacks are still pushing for the release of reparations payments owed for the labor of families deprived of generational wealth building opportunities and are demanding it to be paid forward to their families.   In doing so we hope that reparate concessions and reparations payments would be put to use by their heirs to start the healing of the injustices which placed generations over four hundred years behind all of the other people who migrated to America. 


The  efforts of Black people around reparations are the beginning of a process to heal and begin to make right the wrong of slavery.  It is a beginning to heal the hearts of families and to stabilize future generations of  slave descendants. This push by Black people  is to have the stolen labor, pain, genocide, screams, separation, lynching, stolen heritage, and the forbidden of their native language and denied payments, promises and freedoms remembered.  To remember that even when Black descendants of slaves began to thrive whites destroyed the progress, they did everything to erase Black success, and there are a remnant  of white slave owners  descendants that still intimidate black people for everyday acts of living. 


You can click on any bold words to get more information on Black stories  from the mouths of blacks  in truth telling project  across America. 



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