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Family Independence and  Stabilization Assistance (FISA)

YDA- Youth Discipline Academy

A program for children and young people offered according to age 11-14, 15-18, 19-22((YyA) which focuses on them learning resiliency skills, knowing what to expect in their personal developmental stages of their growth, learning how to develop skills to discipline themselves for their personal goals for success and even how to redirect their actions from negative choices made in their past with more positive behaviors and actions.  This is for youth whose parents want to prevent their involvement in negative behaviors and peer associations with others who act in ways which harm.  Youth who are in alternative learning environments and justice involved young people. Intervention and reentry recidivism prevention focused.   A 6 week program which can be can be offered in 6 week sessions



Assistance to help families deal with transitioning into a more stable environment  their children

Hands 2 Prevent Homelessness

Counseling, case management, credit and classes with a plan to permanent housing and homeownership

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Our reentry stabilization and housing program which provides case management, counseling and reprieve beds for individuals leaving jails and prisons. 



Income provided to qualified black families for 40 months of FREE $$ to use as they please, This bridges more wealth equity to close the economic wealth gaps for descendants of enslaved people providing lineage based supports. Funded from Philanthropist and  4-40-400 Influencer, Celebrity Fan Impact Fund.

  • Fans of any ethnicity or influencers can support the project. 

  • Black fans who give $4 become eligible to receive one of the monthly redistribution pay out of $400 in any month of the year.  That is right your $4 we reinvest it Black when a black person is willing to help their own community as well.

  • Influencers  can give and fans can let us know who influenced you so that we know which influencers care for freedom locked in black economic struggles. 

  •  Athlete, Musician, Social Influencer, Movie Star, faith leaders and thought leaders, business women or men and  others can participate.

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