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Have you started working on your plan for stabilization, do you have a plan to change your circumstances?

Helping Families Find Solutions to be Healthy, Whole and Stable

Healing Hearts of Families USA Ministries is a community based organization we are not affiliated with a church .  Our ministry is serving people and helping them to become stable after a crisis or life transition. 



Our Mission-  is for children to live in homes and communities  which are healthy, whole safe and stable.




Curious Child


Our Roots

​We do it for them!

We want children with a focus on children who descended from slaves known as black children to be strong thinkers, respectful to each other, elders, families and to community members.  For that to happen they must know who they are through their lineage it will elevate their self-worth and thoughts of how important their contributions are to the universe, community and families.


We want them to know the community loves and cares about their success and lives.

We support grief, trauma abuse survivors, people in transition and formerly incarcerated persons as well.

This requires parents, allies and advocates to join us  for what is right for the future. 


We are responsible to build the world we want them to live in. Our organization operates with faith and  hope.

Hope is the unseen, it is faith operating in action of the unknown outcome, where belief is the thing that keeps us going!

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We Are


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