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Net-Preneures Classes

Learn more with facilitated guide hands on classes: For seniors and people who do not want to be left behind in the new tech based world.  Learn or refresh your skills on this and much more in 2 hour sessions lunch time and at scheduled weekend times.

  • Internet safety, Erasing emails,

  • Cleaning Google and One drives

  • Social media how to set up and correct accounts

  • Artificial Intelligence for writing and creations, virtual worlds, chat GPT other, creations

  • SET UP ONLINE STORE- upload or drop ship and payment

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Sign up for $ Fee Based classes that teaches in a classroom setting a walk through while in class



  • SET UP A NONPROFIT the proper way

  • How to read and understand contracts

  • How to read and walk through an actual grant

  • How to set your own business up to be eligible for contracts

  • How to set your nonprofit ups to go after grants

  • A walk through to set your self up for Department of Justice Grants

  • A walk through to set your nonprofit  up to get other department grants

  • How to use the internet for business and everyday life, cleaning and clearing unwanted, needed files.  

 Bring your laptop to participate in internet connected learning environment  as we walk you through the learning process to become an inter Net-preneurer  or internet entrepreneurs/business owners. 

At the end of each session you will have the knowledge and ability to utilize the information in the session. 

  •  You will also have a pocket guide to refer back to your learning sessions.                     

  •  You will learn how to use your new knowledge now or as a future entrepreneur for your online business OR services.   

  •    Sign up for the lessons you want to have knowledge of 

  • All ready in business- get a business review before you sign up for a business session $49 

  • Get a full business walk through start to finish to set up your business locally, state level and

  • Take your business to the federal contracting level, we walk you though the process to set up the different platforms needed to get your business before contract administrators making the business an eligible federal contracts. 


EXAMPLE OF BUSINESS SESSIONS*** Some required more than one session as it takes you step by step the number of sessions to complete the task are listed behind each session

  •  Business Start Up a walk through or Business structure repairs. We walk you through from beginning to end of a new business set up process and give you a guide as a reference to keep everything up to date. Before you start upon signing up you get pre- planning questionnaire homework to bring to your session.  *Think business before you start a guide of things to think about in advance. Have your fees debit or payment ready to pay online the day of your session.  

  • Walk through what you need to know about marketing your business.**Home work for the business owner Guide to where to market to get more business

  • State and corporate walk through of the vendor registration. 

  • How to find and read the  request for services or products.

**Homework Guide for Business-Budget taxes, insurance, bonds and employee facts. 1099 vs employees job creator.

  • Bid response walk through. How to find, understand and prepare a bid.

  • Help I need to fix my business taxes before I go try to get a government contract

  • Walk through federal government contracting set up to submit bids for contracts (2-session)

  • Steps on how to walk through and build business credit 

  • I need a business structure review

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