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  • Eviction Counseling

  • Transitions in housing counseling for people in transitions from incarceration, hotels and homelessness. 

  • Case Management 

  • Credit & household management counseling.

  • We provide referrals to housing based on income, credit and eviction status.

  • Business and Grant Walk through sessions 

  • Intertwined Reentry Program

  • Employment Assistance Senior supports


We request financial support and provide from $200-400 per family during the holidays to keep families housed for the new year it is specifically  used to reduce the rents of struggling households over the holidays during the months of December to January.  The funds are used as "Rent Drops" why because bills over the holidays increase when the children are out of school utilities goes up this causes extra strain on the family;s finances.  Some parents have to take off more during this time to care for their children and many get behind on bills they were already struggling to pay.  This is a time when evictions become eminent for the new year and our assistance helps keeps children and their families in tack in stable housing for the beginning of the new year when it is time for the children to go back to school. **We also provide with partners toys, personals and winter items.

NEW 2024- RBI- Reparative Basic Income Fund building is a parallel to (UBI) Universal Basic Income for families deemed eligible for American lineage based Reparations in the future.  Provides 40 months of support provided by a dedicated fund.

Business Education Structure
1 to 4 Day Walk Through

Economic security is the single largest part of individuals and families being stable after that is future education innovation in creating wealth through future technology. 

Our goal is to have people who want to open a business or nonprofit organization to provide a service or support which makes money or utilizes money from a contract or grant to elevate others.  It is our desire to have business structured properly, learning a skill, business or service to increase the business revenue. Provide knowledge it takes to elevate the small business and or the community. 

  • We  provide individuals with the actual structure to be in business and eligible for contracts, local, corporate or with the federal government to increase business opportunities. 

  • We give owners the structure to receive loans and the ability to have proper capacity to scale, hire others, manage workloads with contracts, and track employees, their interactions with customers. 

  • We provide educational learning so that they can get training to elevate excellence  in service as they market and serve customers. 

We provide three levels of hands on learning sessions where an entrepreneur does the work him/herself  in 4 days have a fully functional business. 

Start/Structure, Sustain and Scale.

We offer two to four hour lunch and learn sessions for small business CEO, their supervisory staff and employees in special small group sessions growing the companies.




Offered in 1- 4 day walk through sessions.

$250-$500 per session

*Session 1- Set up your business properly for the state

  • Session 2-Places business in government contracting systems

  • Session 3- A walk through of a contract request

  • Session 4- Session to set up nonprofits in the federal system to have opportunities for grants

  • Session 5- Walk through of an actual open grant  

Young Teacher
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