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Helping Families Find Solutions to be Healthy, Whole and Stable

Healing Hearts of Families USA is a twenty-year-old, Black led organization.  It started when single family mothers were incarcerated simply because they would not tell on their loved ones during the war on drugs. Targeting Black mothers and leaving black children home with no primary partnets in their lives due to the war on black communities.   

We provide advocacy, action and direct services to mostly Black families destabilized by society’s ills which we call the “War On Black Family and Black Lives.”  We started providing direct services because of the hurt and harm done with bias which denied resources and supports to black organizations needing access to resources to heal families dealing with violence, trauma and the destabilization.


Our Mission as black moms is to have all children but especially our children to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable. 


Every year during this time of the year Healing Hearts of Families does outreach to apartments to identify families who could use a little help which we provide through our "Holidays from the Hearts" support.

What is "Holidays from the Hearts"? It is a holiday season support for working families whom are selected based on the criteria that they are employed they do not receive rents paid through vouchers, they have been paying full rent and they have children in the home. 

What we provide is financial resources up to $150 to drop the rent of seven selected families. living in one of the selected outreached apartment communities in metro Atlanta area.

Why we provide this support- During the holidays children are home more and utility bills increase this places a strain on lower income families to make it through the holidays without the threat of eviction of which they would have to pay more in fees unnecessarily.  If we assist by dropping the rent it could prevent evictions during the holidays or at the beginning of the New Year.  Responsible giving is the goal.  We ask anyone who wants to partner for this project to donate on this button below.  Drop off donations to our outreach office or cashapp          404-289-9277


To educate the public on ADOS

Project Purpose- To advocate for certain Black people to be known as American Descendants of Slaves- a self reported distinct Black                   ethnic group-for cultural identification

NOUN-a community or population made up of people who share a common cultural background or descent. 

-Advocacy around identifying members of the ethnic group descendants of ancestral slaves in America. 

-Raise funds to support the work of the the group.

- Push for commitments for Reparations for the crime of stolen labor forced on ADOS ancestors. 

-Push for constitutional changes in illegal laws in place to continue preventing accountability by the government and business. 

-Assist in building this movement with a clear goal and one voice to push for Reparations, equity, liberties and equal protections under the law.  

-Work with people who are advocating for a contractual commitment to providing specific Black agenda items, liberties and reparate concessions including changes in legislative policies, and payments to ADOS. 



 Funds will support- ADOS Lineage identifications for blacks searching to find their lineage to enslaved Africans in America.

To provide TRAUMATIC RACIAL TRAUMA (TRT) counseling for those ADOS in need 

To provide reprieve spaces for healing practices

To provide ADOS resources during the journey 


Our Roots

We started this journey in 2000 by 2001 we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for our children living in low income households. We want them to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable free from racism and bigotry.

We want children especially Black girls and boys to be strong thinkers, and  to be respectful to each other, elders, their families and the community.  That  requires us to advocate on their behalf and with them.  We build the world they want to see with them.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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