Helping Families Find Solutions to be Healthy, Whole and Stable

Healing Hearts of Families USA is a twenty-year-old, Black led organization.  It started when single family mothers were incarcerated simply because they would not tell on their loved ones during the war on drugs.  

We provide advocacy, action and direct services to mostly Black families destabilized by society’s ills which we call the “War On Black.”  We started providing direct services because of the hurt and harm done with bias intents which denied supports to blacks needing access to resources to heal from violence, trauma and the destabilization of individuals in families.


Our Mission as moms is to have our children in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable. 

We fight for our children and our families to live free with liberties, FREE from fear, racism and trauma and police encounters which takes our children's lives and denies them their voices suffocating their greatness making them feel dead inside or dead in the physical sense. There is no justice without equality and no substance to life worthy to live without freedom and liberty for our children. 


We are demanding changes in an unequal America and we are  fighting to make it a society that is equality for all. As Black mothers of Black children we are making a way for ourselves and our children to be in every place from the White house to the Supreme court so that they they too can be anyone they want to be and that will only happen when they have equity and liberty. 



#Our Black Children Matters to US!!

As a Black mother your murder as a police is aborting my womb.  You are disrespecting our pains when you murder my children casually expecting no punishment.  



Black people have been marginalized and penalized the entire time they have been in the USA under slavery and this visage of democracy in a land where we are suppose to be free.  We have dealt with racial disparities in health and wealth  and our personal self our person hood is disrespected for no reason. 

The US and its legislators have placed Black families needs on the back burner time and time again and far too long.  They create laws that has taken our husbands, the fathers of our children out of our lives following the "Willie Lynch" plan far too long to control our advancements our liberties and our need to be independently free from oppression. 

American has suppressed our voices our votes and our hopes with other people living the  American dream in a land that our ancestors build.  It has always been a dream deferred for Black families over and over again and we are demanding that this ends immediately.  America has made our voices unheard as if for 400 years we haven't spoken a word about the inequities as if we did not have an agenda.  It has made our needs last, our issues last, our past last or dismissed, you have suppressed us, and we are tired of accepting the least, the last and the lowest of every opportunity and investment.  We are demanding world respect and as Black mothers we are pissed. 

This treatment has continued from the history of integration into systemic racial oppression starting with slavery and it includes the laws to criminalize, disrespect and the denial of unpaid wages owed to us and that continues up until today. 


The practice of silence from the USA on Reparations restitution and equality will no longer be tolerated.  We want the dignity and pay owed to us form the harms imposed on us just like you did for the Jewish, Japanese and Indian give us our due.  The economic and  racial injustices continues through systemic covert acts behind the scenes in fundamental places of power, responsible for protecting life, rights and liberties for all Americans, it's not me it's you who have to change.  These people in high places have not ensured that equality is applied to the Black community's black lives, this includes denials in health, legal and legislative neglects due to racism in applications of the regulations. 

Our organization provides, economic, political and social justice education. It focuses on the long term harms and create paths for healing  families from the impacts of racial and economic inequities.  We inspire people to have a voice, healing the stress release of trauma and grief through activism and hope so people can breathe in spaces free from the disease of racism. 


Black Equity=American Justice


Our Roots

We started this journey in 2000 by 2001 we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for our children living in low income households. We want them to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable free from racism and bigotry.

We want children especially Black girls and boys to be strong thinkers, and  to be respectful to each other, elders, their families and the community.  That  requires us to advocate on their behalf and with them.  We build the world they want to see with them.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


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