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Helping Families Find Solutions to be Healthy, Whole and Stable

Healing Hearts of Families USA is a twenty-year-old, Black led organization.  It started when single family mothers were incarcerated simply because they would not tell on their loved ones during the war on drugs. 

We provide advocacy, action and direct services to mostly Black families destabilized by society’s ills which we call the “War On Black Family and Black Lives.”  

Our Mission as black moms is to have all children but especially our children to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable. 


To support ADOS families in the fight to receive REPARATIONS, to support ADOS family stability, to help raise funds for campaigns supporting movement building agendas, to identify, and educate the public on ADOS 

self determination to be recognized as a distinct group linked by ethnic and lineage ancestral links tied to American Slavery-for cultural identification known as American Descendants of Slavery


                                                        SUPPORT ADOS FAMILY REPARATIONS 




  A percentage of funds will support- ADOS Lineage identifications for blacks searching to find their lineage to enslaved Africans in America.

 14 % will provide TRAUMATIC RACIAL TRAUMA (TRT) counseling and healing support for those ADOS in need 

To provide support for reprieve spaces for healing 

To provide ADOS therapy related resources during the journey 

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Our Roots

We started this journey in 2000 by 2001 we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for our children living in low income households. We want them to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable free from racism and bigotry.

We want children especially Black girls and boys to be strong thinkers, and  to be respectful to each other, elders, their families and the community. We want them to know the community loves and cares about their lives. This  requires that we advocate on their behalf for and with them.  We build the world they want to see with them.

" Hope is a unseen goal of the future.  if you can't dream of chances are you can't live in."  We fight for their hope, dream, futures.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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We Are


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