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Helping Families Find Solutions to be Healthy, Whole and Stable

Healing Hearts of Families USA is a twenty-year-old, Black American Descendant of Slavery led organization.  It started when single family mothers were incarcerated simply because they would not tell on their loved ones during the war on drugs.


Barriers to opportunities for earning a livable wage forced black men to supplement their income by other means which they chanced in an effort to give their families better living circumstances.  Those chances often led to their incarceration, as with the lack of financial means led to domestic/family violence, absent fathers and single parent households. These family units was disrupted and destabilized when fathers and now single mothers the only caregivers of black children were also targeted for incarcerated on conspiracy charges simply because they would not tell and assist law enforcement in their efforts to give their male loved ones longer terms of imprisonment.

We provide advocacy, action and direct services to mostly Black families and low income communities destabilized by society’s ills, disparities in legislation which creates economic inequities and  impacts the economic stability of many black families and communities. 

Our Mission as black moms is to have our families, our homes and our communities economically stable so that our children can live dream and be in homes and communities which are healthy, whole, stable and safe. 

American descendants of the institution of slavery, Jim crow laws, redlining and discriminatory pay practices to create barriers to ADOS income equality for jobs and contracts, allowing discrimination for exact job pay and none payment for labor and overtime and slavery allows the history of American to repeat.  Slavery enforcements by other means with an invisible hands of oppressive legislation targeting anti-Black ADOS hate is legislative support because of their silence on issues impacting ADOS/Blacks specifically. These inactions also supports anti-black respect, liberties and anti-black survival by inaction on Reparations and little to no punishment for perpetrators who targets destruction and set backs of black/ADOS persons and places owned by them. 

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What do you say when your child recognizes that you don't have money for the basic things like football uniforms or family vacations and they say 
"I wish I was born to another family because our whole family is poor?" None of you have any money except to pay bills!

Black/ADOS children were protesting in 1965 (left picture) and are still protesting inequities today (right pictures).  Having to protest for change is work and it is exhausting. When will our children get the chance to just be children? They trust that their parents can make things better for them to have the liberties, justice and support that all Americans born and migrated receive but the US has shown no move toward treating them,  their parents and their ancestors  humanely and respectfully.  Denying the owing of the debt and making payment of Reparations to ADOS, inequities in delivering justice and protections in an equitable way in the legal system are the largest divides. 
Reparations will provide the bridge of working towards a better melting pot and that will only happen when the US makes changes to address the ADOS wealth inequities created by the government in a conspiracy with the  perpetrators of the harm some of which were legislators allowing slavery long term for financial gain.  This harm  
still impacts this generation of ADOS families and their children, their current lively hoods and their ability to survive in the future.
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When children this young have to continuously live through series of destabilization and trauma due to government actions and inactions what will their future actions be.  Will we wonder or know what happens to their minds, their hearts, their empathy for others, their childhood dreams, their imagination about a future with them in it surviving like other people? 

Children should not have to worry about their lives or their family's financial means to care for them.

Reparations is a way to ease that worry and a way for the government to pay for the legislative harm which supported slavery multi-generational, with discriminatory laws and practices to oppress the descendants of the enslaved black people in the US for financial gains. 

 Reparations payments to descendants of slavery will create opportunities to increase the number of business owned by American descendants of slaves, break the cycle of family destabilizations due to lack of financial means and reduce rates of survival crimes committed due to living in poverty. 

Legislators,  especially Black legislators need to step out side of their bubble to find solutions to move the need for the payment of Reparations due to ADOS first on any agenda for payments for any harm done to anyone, making descendants of slavery reparations payments a priority for harm done to them and their ancestors spanning back 400 plus years.  Until that debt is paid no-one should be paid for harms, their children were separated and enslaved forced into labor fields and that is horrific child labor this debt is owed because of their enslavement in the US and that should be the first national priority and national pilot of anything resembling payments because of poverty it created to ADOS.  If any National Universal income is paid to any groups, or reparations requested by any group of people it should come after the redress of the debt owed to ADOS and their ancestors enslavement when the income inequality forced poverty on ADOS through historical legislation to create barriers to opportunities and the denial of payment due to their ancestors for labor performed. That too is enslavement by a new means. 


Black parents want their children to feel financially safe by leaving a legacy to their children too.  The recovery of the debt due to their ancestors is the start of making right the wrong of withholding pay which produced income inequities.  Reparations investments allow black descendants of slavery to leave a legacy of some financial security, for the  dreams that their children have that is why we demand what is financially due and only that is what begins repairing the harm done to our ancestors and passed on the loss to our  families.  Reparations will help build economic equity.

Curious Child


Our Roots

We started this journey in 2000 by 2001 we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for our children living in low income and homeless households. We want them to live in homes and communities which are healthy, whole and stable.

We want children especially Black girls and boys to be strong thinkers, and to be respectful to each other, elders, their families and to other community members. We want them to know the community loves and cares about their lives. This requires that Black ADOS parents and allies advocates to join us to fight for what is right on the behalf of them.  We are responsible to build the world we want them to see and live in.

" Hope is a unseen goal of a better future". "It is faith, and we fight for their hope, dreams, futures.

Public Private and Government working in tandem gets the job done. Fairington Park. Stonecrest Georgia a Project of Healing Hearts started from a hand sketch and ended four years later in a full playground implementation and 286 volunteers.


"Life is short but it is long enough to make a difference" and we did

Quote by: Emfolla

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We Are


Women on the Rise, help build home for formerly incarcerated women and work for families. 

Many of these women were single moms and stripped from the lives of their children and their children were broken because of it due to the way the system did not take into account of the lives of the black children left behind.


The judges and prosecutors seemed to be tasked as part of a larger plan to continue  to break black family units.  It was designed to even used black lawyers as prosecutors who had to so called win or force black people to plead by threats of long-incarceration if they refused to get to the next level of work so their jobs were based not on justice but numbers.

When faced with issues those in the system choose to punished and not helped the black family not the black moms deal with what was going on in their lives, like domestic violence  mental illness, life traumas, some had drug abuse illness.  Black women were used as pawns for targets the government wanted to incarcerate  who were their husbands baby's father and often when the moms would not participate in cases to add evidence to give longer or life sentences to the black men in their lives they would slap on conspiracy charges the  incarceration of the men or two for one by giving her time as well.  Inhumane on the stability of the black children and black relationships breaking families and black communities disrupting with an impact two or more generations down.


These women decided they would fight to close those jails and re imagine a model that was healing, housing and rebuilding lives using tax money which was previously used to punish and break people and families. 

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