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The mosaic of the Reparations movement I see a beautiful diversity within ADOS lineage groups

Updated: Jan 10

Hey world! They dance their own way, to a common sound. They respect the unique ways to message discontent and many times they come together being different like the girls here whose dance moves are different but are probably hearing the same music. Each are expressing how the music makes them feel but they are a beautiful mosaic of the experience to the eye when looking at them collectively and various ADOS groups are doing the same while fighting for Reparations?

They are creating their own narratives for the freedom fight which is the music of the mosaic of the ADOS fight?

They agree to begin to speak against division-ism which steams from rac-ism and ignore the separat-ism of Americans new and old who want to keep ADOS groups fighting for reparations divided because they are fighting specifically for their own voice to define their harms, what is equity, freedom and their liberty and liberation from oppression caused by slavery caste.

The next question about the movement is -Who will take the lead in bringing together the quilted pieces of the movement? Does the ADOS- American Descendants of Slavery Co-Founders of bring together the mosaic of lineage groups fighting for the same cause for the next phase of the demands for Reparations? These co-founders have made a call for ADOS members to step up and take on a task so ADOS members who want to do something it is time to make it known what they want to commit to.

They must be prepared to discussed their plan to get it done as part of the strategy moving forward showing how it will work towards one of the ADOS goals and they must commit to work as one people with one voice for the goals without a redirect to outside agendas.

The ADOS agenda for working with policy makers, and speaking to Americans of any other lineage about the ADOS view and plans can be found at

This is the point the mosaic collage must be stitched together which tells the story OUR-story infused with blood of our ancestors and that of ADOS lineage descendants. It is where they meet at the fork of a road if they are to move the movement forward at this time in their stories. I call it the fork of the fight planted in truth and whole person freedom for redress through reparations. ADOS fights are with trauma, while playing DNA memories of the dance and songs their ancestors were forced to do for another mans pleasure. One of the goals is to create a mosaic of music and dance from the freedoms within while on the revolutionary fight for change, decency, integrity and holding America accountable to the universe, God for which it claimed to stand on. To make America acknowledge it's responsibility to the people here on it's own soil for which it fights to ignore it continues to

to enforce an unjustified silence on making atonement for harming. America must atone for it's plagiarism, theft, legal injustices for which only redress of equity, justice and Reparations committed and made will subside the tarnish it as a nation built on justice and liberty for all.

The message is although we can see everyone moving different to the dances in the demand for Reparations we have the task of lining up the different dancers, singers and speakers to ensure they are listening to the same song in versions of their own spice which gives the same message of our distinct differences for the end result of REPARATIONS FOR ADOS. Everyone knows that ADOS has always been flavorful beautiful in creating our unique space which connects us to spiritual freedom while living through and fighting against oppression while knowing that our movement is serious. As our lives matter to us we see this is a juncture of life or death fight so, we bring the vibrational sounds that our ancestors used to keep us safe and to give us the strength to keep fighting with the collective goal of a Reparations payment for ADOS at the finish line.

Written by: Emfolla Jan-9, 2021

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