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Healing wounds of ADOS through faith organization commitments to atonement.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

How does the faith community look and participate in racial justice work that builds bridges of a just society and bring America to the moral country it claims to be globally. Lets talk about how that is done.

Having open dialogue to acknowledge the history of America as it was and is not as it was presented is the beginning of a healing understanding of why ADOS is pushing for racial reconciliation through the reparations movement and how to step out on faith to partner with grass root organizations towards a path of reparations justice and American accountability.

Changing lies into truth for the word says only the truth will set us free. Truth about the harm of slavery and atonement for racist harm is the beginning of repairing the broken melting pot seeping with racist acts and cover up and oppression around the reparations conversations. A great resource site.

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