To work for the benefit of AADOS - African American Descendants of Slavery for reparations payments due, ensuring those payments are made and deposited in the hands of descendants of slavery in America to do what they feel is plausible for themselves, their children and their future. To acknowledge American whites who wrote the laws and their descendants who earned unfair and unjust wages making them and their institutions accountable to pay reparations as redress for the harm, intentional stagnation of Africans enslaved and oppressed and marginalized by laws and long standing practices in America.  Support the AADOS family members needing to heal and build their perspective of worth after suffering from the racial trauma and injustices in America as they strive to live in a more just and equitable society in America or a country of their choice. 


Our vision is to see AADOS receive a just reparations payments due, and to have white backed slave supported economies of faith institutions make payments to support AADOS for the of atonement for their ancestors sins of forced and pilfered labor, unaccountable genocide and oppression which denied generations of African slaves and AADOS in America the

 constitutional and human rights of all others living migrating or immigrating to America.


To work with and on behalf of AADOS descendants groups ensuring they get the deserving reparations payment for a debt long overdue.  Preserve the history of the atrocities they and their ancestors have endured to exist in America. To speak out against all who attempt to usurp, dismay or redirect message of the debt, the harm or the contributions made by AADOS and their ancestors.  To never let the world forget who make America great economically through the forced suffrage to their bodies and their futures.


Identify AADOS descendants and lineage to their ancestors

who suffered through so many atrocities under the systems in America

that allowed slavery and years of no accountability for the harm and oppression, 

lynching as a means of forced labor genocide,

barriers to equity, liberty and justice under Jim Crow Laws.  Legislative and legislators who created laws to uphold the pilferage of Inventions which stole opportunity and money from those inventions creating barriers to building generational wealth.



It is our duty to fight to correct our stories and history

until the governments, business and families who inflicted harm on our ancestors are no longer able to sell a lie like they sold our ancestors bodies.  It is our duty to get financial payments from those who 

 built dynasties, invested money owed to our ancestors to build their family's wealth from our ancestors sweat. 

We have a duty to not let them rest until they make it right by all AADOS descendants

owed family debt payments and make the 

 payment and concessions as reparte payments to atone for generations of harm

and carry over harm,  To teach future generations of youth about American fight against AADOS to not  make payments for harm done to their ancestors,  

preventing their parents generation from leaving legacies to invest

into future generations of AADOS descendants (them) who can exist and live to operate at a pace within

the world which allows them to compete, own business and have the freedom to dream,  to invent and

invest  as problem solvers of the larger world

with the freedom to know they also have valuable lives and can become anyone

or do anything they can dream of with the financial means to do so.

We believe  Black people and their children can embrace who they are, can speak for themselves, can define their future, can manage their own lives and can change the world.

Our Mission

To identify African Descendants of America's Slave and to get them the moneys due for their inheritances for unpaid wages and 400 years of discrimination, oppression and lynching physically mentally and emotionally.  To never let the world forget the injustice to the African Enslaved ancestors and the descendants  who suffered the horrors at the hands of  legislators  and the country said to be the worlds global leaders promoting democracy and liberties around the globe while oppressing African Descendants of Slaves 400 years later.

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Our Vision

Is to fight for Black Families to collect the money due to their families from withheld inheritances owed from their ancestral lineage unpaid wages. Reparations allows self determination and the beginning of amends for healing 400 years of hate which supports economic oppression and economic caste system which continues economic inequity for ADOS. 

When reparations are paid  it will allow heirs to invest in themselves and their families as the ancestors of slaves. It allows the actions of the institutions and government to speak to the apology in dollars which makes sense. Slavery was an economic injustice only then can racial healing began from the harms done.  Making payments to heirs can allow descendants new  business to starts, it can support family exploration in the global world it can support black ADOS dreams deferred and provide the resources for black stability and safety and it can began to rebuild black communities.   

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