Do you want to identify your lineage as ADOS? Do you want to join the fight for your Reparations Legacies?  Click to add your lineage link and enter your family information.


We hear people saying they do not want reparations. Your can click opt out if you want nothing to do with the reparations fight or any benefits which maybe due to you.



You can complete the opt out form along with a shorter version of you family lineage so that we can comply with your desire and to ensure we have the correct person in case there are other people with your same name. 


By opting out  you are saying you do not want any verification of your lineage and you do not want any of the benefits. from reparations claims in the future.

Your children and other family members may opt in for themselves for claims this is only per individual. 

I want to OPT IN 

take me to the form

I want to OPT OUT

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Reparations Trust 

REPARATIONS demands allows anyone who may be verified as a descendant of slaves to OPT in or OPT out of any suits, payments or benefits which may come out of the efforts of or on behalf of the descendants of American slaves. You can click on one of the forms, complete the information or opt out of any efforts or payments of reparations and other benefits.  

Email: reparationstrust@gmail.com

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