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American slave descendants comes in all hues of brown the common thread is their ancestors who were enslaved , who toiled the lands of America and built this nation to be denied the opportunity to the liberties, respect and pay for a fair days work.  The common thread is the link to the demands for reparations whether the link is to paternal or maternal lineages.  When you get involved we will work on solving the answer of who are these deserving descendants who were denied equality just because of their lineage and the journey to this country. We can make it right and build a new narrative of America's story the beginning does not have to be the end.  Our efforts can heal the land and the people when everyone gets involved. Learn participate and give to the cause of preparations of Reparations to be paid to

American Descendants of Slaves in America. 

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America has to accept it's responsibility just like it expects from us. 

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