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About Us

Americans With A Distinct Identity Tied to Slavery

We are individuals, influencers, organizations, philanthropist, celebrities who hold to the moral standard of social equity to it  meaning.

Until we are all free and treated humane.  We will push those in power who knows America has delayed and denied too long the debt owed our ancestors.  America needs a Moral Reprimand about Slavery and its hand in it legislatively.

 Until Reparations 4-40-400 is paid America money will steadly decline and the foundation of America will not rest.  Until our ancestors are recognized as the people who built it.  We will fight until we receive the compensenatory damages and payments due for their labor.   We will call to the heavens, we fight in the spiritual realm.  Until Repair is real and Reparations is paid, a check is cut for the harms done to our ancestors, and their lost legacies are compensated and atonement is applied. 

*We are the Descendants of Americas' Slaves.

*We have a lineage as an ethnic group tied to the enslavement of our ancestors in America.

*We are in fighting for their dignity, pay for their labor through Reparations.

*We are demanding our financial legacy is paid through Reparations.

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Community Outreach

Worlds End South Africa

Faith  Influencers- Philanthropist, Beneficiaries of African Labor and  Celebrities 


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Until 4-40-400 Reparations:
Invest In Self
Community and Improve Finance
Show Proven Impact

Lessons Learned:  The Missing
Opportunities of Black Business Investing
Program Evaluation

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Help build the wealth that funds the black community needs its business and allows you as the community of supporters to invest.   Make a donation today and we will ensure that your collective fund serves one or more of the Black agenda items, the organizations fighting , Descendants of American Slaves basic incomes for families, supporting the community and BOB usiness.

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